About Us

About Us

The Inland Sea of Sound festival is situated at the summit of Wahluu – Mount Panorama, a site of deep spiritual significance for the local Wiradyuri people. The festival takes place each year with the blessing and cooperation of the local Aboriginal Elders.

In recent decades the mountain has become a testing ground for a different form of initiation as racing car drivers vie to become the “King of the mountain” on a race track which has gained an international reputation as one of the finest motor racing venues in the world.

Now on the summit of Wahluu we mark the coming together of many cultural traditions, honouring the resilience and generosity of the Wiradyuri people and celebrating our shared present and future.


The Inland Sea of Sound Festival is one of the leading cultural events of central New South Wales, a major festival of music, arts and culture staged in an iconic location on the grounds of Wahluu – Mount Panorama.

The festival aims to bring people of the Bathurst area together along with visitors to the region to celebrate original Australian live music and art from a variety of cultural origins; to honour and promulgate the culture of the Wiradyuri people; to offer opportunities to local musicians and artists and to provide a defining, high quality annual event for a broad audience that enhances the cultural vibrancy of the Bathurst region and contributes to Bathurst’s growing reputation as the premier inland centre for culture and creativity.


The Inland Sea of Sound is built on strong allegiance to its key values:

    • Quality and creativity in all aspects of performance, presentation and audience experience
    • Integrity in dealing with all artists, partners, suppliers and patrons
    • Inclusivity and accessibility for all cultures, ages and abilities
    • Environmental Responsibility, sustainability and leadership
    • Collaborative Partnerships – across artistic, commercial, educational, corporate and community sphere
    • Global awareness with local engagement
    • Alignment with Bathurst Regional Council’s relevant strategies in the areas of Cultural Development, Community Development, Destination Management, Regional Brand Strategy and Economic Development


Supported by Bathurst Regional Council  and Rydges Mount Panorama. 

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