Albi & The Wolves

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Albi & The Wolves are a band about creating a community. At the heart of each performance are moments where everyone can transcend the stage, the lights, and the sounds and come together in song or dance to be part of something bigger than just themselves. This ethos has taken the band to the far reaches of New Zealand, from the sublime to the ridiculous, while often collaborating with a wide variety of other artists.

In its beginning the band had its sights set on raising hell in bars and homes by creating infectious and hard driving rhythms that were filled with music of their own creation and a broad selection of other people's music. This combination and energy together made for epic and unforgettable evenings. As the band evolved from a quartet to a trio, Albi & The Wolves journey took its first turn into becoming something new while retaining all of that energy of the past. Their debut album, One Eye Open, reflects some of these changes but still holds on to a lot of the initial lineup's special character.

Now, Chris Dent, Pascal Roggen and Micheal Young stand together with an acoustic guitar, electric violin and double bass, forging a sound that is emotive, uplifting, joyful and captivating. They are determined to take the feel that comes with their live performances and capture it in their second album. Since becoming a trio the band took some time to understand the dynamics of three piece ensemble by playing a lot of shows. “Some of that time was hard to be honest, because things just felt different and I constantly felt that we couldn't live up to what we were before. It may or may not have been just in my head but now I finally feel confident in who and what we are.” says Chris Dent.

Along their journey Albi & The Wolves have performed at a broad selection of festivals including the Auckland Folk Festival, Wellington Folk Festival, Wellington's Magic In The Gardens, New Plymouth Festival Of Lights, Coro Summer Fest, CubaDupa, and Woodford Folk Festival. Also among other successes the band recently won Best Folk Artist 2018 at the New Zealand Music Awards for their debut album One Eye Open.

After prolific touring in New Zealand, and a little in Australia, the band has begun work on their second album which will have the highs and lows like it's predecessor but the band hopes that it will feel more comfortable in its own skin. Recording will begin in May and they hope to release in 2019.

The people they meet on the road, the music that they play on and off the stage, the love from the audience and the friends they’ve made are central to what keeps this band going. This energetic, soul filled act will be quite unlike anything you will have ever heard on record and will be a band that you will find hard to forget after seeing their unforgettable live shows. Chris, Pascal and Micheal extend an invitation to you to come and be part of their community that is growing in New Zealand and abroad.