Civil Hands

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Civil Hands is the secret love-child of REM, Pearl Jam and the Cranberries, hand-crafting indie-rock musical tales with a dash of joyful pop.
The band is part of a groundswell of original music exploding out of Dubbo. Their unique sound is underpinned by the shared male/female lead vocal pairing of husband and wife, Fred and Mandi Randell.

Civil Hands have taken their sound on the road throughout the Central West to venues in Mudgee, Forbes, Parkes and Orange, and further afield to Sydney and Canberra stages. They have played on festival bills at Tunes on the Turf, Dubbo’s Dream Festival, and Artlands national conference. In early 2017, they launched their debut album, Leave It All Behind, at the Old Dubbo Gaol with a music/art/video experience that included projected moving images from local artists.

The latest project for the Dubbo band involves collaborating with local filmmakers to craft a series of new music/video releases to be rolled out monthly, culminating in the release of a new album in the first half of 2018.

Civil Hands was born in late 2014 when Fred Randell returned to his childhood hometown of Dubbo after 18 years spent in the frantic pace of Sydney life. The familiar, yet altered, surrounds of the town with its harsher seasons, the stark summers landscapes and the bitter winter frosts, gave birth to a multitude of songs, and Civil Hands was formed.
Fred Randell plays rhythm guitar and shares lead vocals with Mandi Randell. Local music mentor, Dale Freeman, produces the band’s catchy licks on lead guitar, whilst Erin Kelly brings the bass lines, and Brad Purcell rounds out the band on drums.

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