Gabbi Bolt & Band


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Gabbi Bolt has a unique history with music. She learnt classical piano for 10 years before quitting at 14 to pursue contemporary musical performance. She had always been brought up singing around her family home, and decided it was time to start gigging. At 11 she performed her first ever show at a Local Stages "Cabaret Kite" and hasn't stopped since. She was also an original participant in the Local Emerging Artists Program when it debuted in 2013.

Now a young adult, Gabbi is still perfecting her craft as a musician and has been writing for around 6 years. Together with her amazing band, Karl Serna (Bass), Tj Tanuvasa (vocals/guitar) and Kelly Miller (drums) she has created some amazing songs that are fun, funky and honest.

Gabbi's vocals have been described as a soulful mix of Norah Jones, Janis Joplin and Adele all rolled into one weird alto butter blend.

Gabbi is currently preparing to record and release her first E.P. entitled "Grey into Blue" which will be available for purchase in October 2018. 

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