Te Rua Mauri


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Te Rua Mauri simply translates to The Organic Source. Te Rua in the Maori language is a ground made storage pit for food and Mauri is the internal life force of oneself. The idea of combining these two interpretations makes up the fundamental platform that allows us to explore the knowledge of our people, seek enlightenment and retain the source of its origin.

Only through the teachings of our forebears are we able to evolve and restructure how we apply traditional knowledge in modern day society.

Our cultural inheritance allows us to connect with other indigenous nations musically, spiritually and culturally through universal languages from arts and crafts to expressional dance.

Each of our members of Te Rua Mauri have walked their own cultural paths and have a wealth of life experience in these aspects. All have been immersed in Maori culture and have represented our people nationally and internationally.

Kemara Kennedy (New Zealand Maori) – Is a descendant of the Te Arawa people that occupy the central North Island of New Zealand. Predominantly affiliated to the Ngati Pikiao tribe that reside around the Rotoiti Lake district east of the township of Rotorua.    

Tiare Tito – (New Zealand Maori) Tiare is also a descendant of the Te Arawa people and shares Polynesian lineage back to the homeland of Rarotonga. Her tribe of the Ngati Tuwharetoa occupy and guardians of the great volcanic lake-district known as Taupo-nui-a-Tia and the majestic mountain Tongariro that mark the southern boundary of the Te Arawa people.  

Laurence Kershaw (New Zealand Maori) - Laurence hails from the Ngati Kahungunu tribe that reside along the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand. The voyage canoe known as Takitimu whom Kahungunu belonged to was one of many that took part in the great migration from the Polynesian Islands to New Zealand.