Regional Song Writing Contest FAQ's

I haven’t played with a band before - how will this work? We will take your song submission and make charts for the band musicians to play parts to suit the style/vibe of the song.

Will we get to rehearse my song? Yes, there is time set aside for rehearsing the songs during the day of the show. Each song will be able to be run through once or twice, and you will be able to give us your feedback and any specific directions for us to play your song.

What instruments are in the band? We have drums, percussion, bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, male and female backing vocals, and organ/synth available. Plus you and your instrument (if that’s what you want!)

Do I have to use the whole band? Not at all! The full band is one option if you want a full sound, but some songs might work best with just some piano and acoustic guitar, or just a clean electric, synth pad and an egg shaker etc - we’ll happily do whatever is best for the song! The band musicians are used to playing together like this, and know how to find their place in a song, even if it’s just a quiet little part here and there (or no part at all). But also don’t be afraid to ask us to rock out if that’s what your song wants!

How is the arrangement decided? We’ll work with you and help! Feel free to include any notes that help describe your vision for the song - eg ’heartbreakingly slow country’ or ‘operatic aggressive rock’. We’ll be in touch once we’ve received entries, and can discuss what you had in mind, plus any other ideas that might be worth thinking about - “this would be great to start really quiet and build up in the chorus”, that kind of thing.

How are the winners chosen? The contest is for the best songs, not the performances. Our job is to make sure we give every song its best shot, but the performance and arrangement is really just the icing - the songwriting is the cake!

Examples of song charts as a reference. Please click to view:

If you have any other questions please email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.