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A major festival of music, arts and culture staged in the iconic location of Wahluu – Mount Panorama. Returning in 2020.

 The Inland Sea of Sound is an initiative of Bathurst Regional Council


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The Honey Drippin' Mudskippers

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 “Anyone who has seen them knows they have the ability to transform any venue into one with the vibe of a juke joint, or speakeasy.” Discover Central West Magazine 2018

The Honey Drippin’ Mudskippers have played around the traps for more than 4 years in hometown Orange.

The Honey Drippin’ Mudskipper's are a melting pot of 1920s to 40s American Music, drawing influence from Speakeasy Jazz, Hokum Blues, Dixieland, Western Swing and Vaudeville.

They’ve honed their craft over years playing street corners, Crafted Festival, Bathurst Winter Festival, Street Fairs, Inland Sea of Sound and travelled to slay ‘em at the Illawarra Folk Festival.

Tootsie Von Teetie on lead vocals heads up a real bunch of wise guys. There’s Lenny, Tone, Marty and Stick on strings. When they get on stage and start to friskin’ their whiskers, they dare you to stand still.

A Honey Drippin’ Mudskippers show is a journey through the folk, swing and pop traditions of pre-1950’s Americana. All the toe tapping songs you can’t help thinking you might’ve heard on Grandad’s gramophone. Fusing the sounds of the past with the energy of the present day.                 

Tam Wilson - Singer, Washboard, percussion
Marty Ferguson - Singer, Drums, Harmonica, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo
Kenneth Smith - Ukulele
Tony Mansfield - Guitar

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Ben Lander - Upright Bass