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A major festival of music, arts and culture staged in the iconic location of Wahluu – Mount Panorama. Returning in 2020.

 The Inland Sea of Sound is an initiative of Bathurst Regional Council


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Local Emerging Artists Program (LEAP)





LEAP provides performance opportunities and mentoring to young musicians aged 13-25 years. Young musicians perform in venues around Bathurst during teh lead up to Inland Sea of Sound and at the festival. 

The full performance schedule is attached here. 

Friday 16 November
The Hub  2pm -3pm:   Emily Geerkens & Seb Jones
Webb & Co 4-6.30pm: Critical Dose, Laura Christen, Evergreen, Brooke Webb, Casual Jam

Saturday 17 November 
Mad Season Cafe 10am - 1pm: Tristan West, Casual Jam, Hamish Dinger, Belle Whitwell

Sunday 18 November
Piccolos 10am - 1pm: Jade Newham, Jasmine Gold, Lily Morgillo, Olive Watch, belle Whitwell, Izzy Cobcroft

Friday 23 November
Piccolos 2pm - 4pm: Fitzy, Tristan West, Laura Christen
Webb & Co 5pm - 8pm: Hamish Dinger, Madi Pincott, Arrow & Klooster, Jasmin Gold, Olive Watch, Joely Drinan

Saturday 24 November
Mad Season Cafe 10am - 1pm: Arrow & Klooster, Tiarn Brown, Madi Pincott, Emily Butler, Callum Goldfinch (with Tim Porter & Alex Grace), Jade Newham

Sunday 25 November
The Hub 12-2pm: Callum Goldfinch (with Tim Porter & Alex Grace), Emily Butler, Monique Grima, Jasmin Gold


INLAND SEA OF SOUND 30 November & 1 December
Sweet Revenge, Critical Dose, Emily Geerkens, Izzy Cobcroft, Tristan West, Seb Jones, OccaRockers with Brooke Webb & Emily Butler , Laura Christen, Evergreen, Jasmin Gold, Belle Whitwell.



LEAP is supported by Bathurst RSL Club 

For more information about LEAP please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call BMEC 6333 6161

Bathurst RSL