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Food and Drink

The aim of the festival is to make the experience a showcase of the best possible food and drink the region has to offer, from beautiful, fresh local produce to excellent cool climate wine, local craft beer and regional cider.

Inland Sea of Sound – caterers 2018

The following caterers have been confirmed so far

Bush Tucka

Kangaroo skewers on rice                  $8.00

Crocodile skewers on rice                  $8.00

Emu Chow Bow                                  $5.00

Cultural Johnny Cakes and Damper $3.00

Home made Ginger Beer                   $6.00



Trang Hue Vietnamese Catering

Vietnamese Pork rolls                         $8.00

Rice Paper rolls                                  $3.00

Beef Noodle soup ‘Pho’                      $12.00

Bao Bun                                              $6 each 2 for $10

Spring rolls                                          $2

Chicken lemongrass w rice                $12

BBQ Pork w rice                                 $12


Miss Mabel’s

14hr slow roast pulled pork burger w/slaw n cheese gf option available                               $13

Pulled Pork loaded fries                                                                                                          $15

Tennessee BBQ free range chicken wrap w/ mixed lettuce, tomato, cheese & aioli            $13

Barbacoa Lamb Tacos - South American style w pico de gallo slaw & aioli (gf)                  $7

Wicked Fries – sweet potato salsa & cheese                                                                         $10

Mexican quinoa and bean salad                                                                                             $11

Asian vegetable noodle salad, additional vegetarian & vegan options available                    $11



Food We Do

Various home made pies                    $6.00

Various home made quiches              $6.00

Home made sausage rolls                  $6.00

Home made cakes & pastries                        $4.00


Origin Chocolate & Gelato

Artisan organic gelato                         $5.00 to $12.00


The Cheesecake Co.

Cheesecake                                        $6.50

Coffee                                                 $5.00


Long Point Coffee

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Chai              Large $5.00  Small $4.00

Tea. Long Black, Espresso                 $3.00

Two Heads Brewery, Local Vignerons, Small Acres Cider and more to come