Australian Kite Flyer's Society

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  • Image credit: David Horan
  • Image credit: David Horan
  • Image credit: David Horan
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Display Kites

Kite Flying Lessons

Kite Hospital

Inland Sea of Sound will this year host The Australian Kiteflyers Society atop Wahluu-Mount Panorama. Taking advantage of one of the gustiest spots in Bathurst  attendees will get to see giant kites in action, hav their kites fixed at the Kite Hospital or fly high themselves with hire of a kite during the day. 

The The Australian Kiteflyers Society was formed by kite-flyers in 1978 to foster and encourage the timeless art of kite flying and has members 

The first International Kite Flying event was held in 1989 however was celebrated many years before inGujarat. In Gujarat a Traditional Kite Flying Ceremony is held when winter fades to summer according to the Indian Calendar (January 14-15) and represents the awakening of the Gods from their deep sleep. This time is used for people to offer their hope and prayers for what will become of the year ahead and is particularly important to Farmers. The event indicates to Farmers that the Sun is back and Harvest season is approaching. Our position in the Southern hemisphere means that these dates don't necessarily match our seasons, but our region will hopefully be celebrating the end of summer and the extra day for a Leap Year. 

There are many beliefs around the Symbolism and representation of a Kite from many different Cultures and Religious backgrounds, some include:

  • Freedom “flying high and free”
  • Both flying high and remaining anchored by reality
  • Religion; the Wooden backing of a kite (Cross) “represents” God which adds structural support to the “Spiritual” Fabric
  • According to Shamanic Interpretations “A Kite asks us to relax and be comforted, that all is well now. The Kite is Symbolic for releasing the pain and going with the flow of things.”
  • Letting go of all that is holding you back and soaring freely and high.