Local Emerging Artists Program (LEAP)

LEAP Program

The Local Emerging Artists Program (LEAP) provides performance development opportunities and community connections for young Bathurst artists. Tied to the music festival “Inland Sea of Sound”, the 2021 program saw over 40 young artists aged 12-25 get the opportunity to play gigs around Bathurst. A number of young musicians also had experiences with media including interviews on 2BS, B-Rock  and 2MCE, as well as interviews for the Western Advocate.

LEAP provides mentorship, a workshop, performance opportunities and connection with local venues and fellow artists at no cost to participants (anyone who applies). The program not only supports the artists involved, but also contributes to a sustainable live music and arts scene in Bathurst. Building a welcoming culture for performers, venues and presenters, and audiences. We have seen connections formed and venues involved offering future opportunities. A previous exit survey indicated only great experiences for artists and carers, with 100% indicating that they would recommend getting involved to other emerging artists.

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